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About Advanced Hearing Systems

We have been doing business here in Virginia Beach since 1993. Because we are a family owned and operated business, we take the time to treat every individual as if you were family. We know that you deserve to be treated by a healthcare provider, with respect and understanding. We want to get to know you and understand your lifestyle. That way, we can better meet your hearing needs. When first visiting our office, you may not know what to expect. You are in for a pleasant experience at Advanced Hearing Systems. We will strive to make your visit interesting, informative and a great start to improving your hearing. You should feel at ease during this visit because you will have an opportunity to better understand your hearing needs and explore possible solutions.

Building Understanding and Trust

Every hearing loss is as unique as the individual who is experiencing it.  We are qualified to evaluate your hearing and offer advice and solutions that are appropriate for you.  To establish an understanding and trusting connection right from the start, we will spend some time getting to know you, learning what you are experiencing, and exploring those things that are important to you and your hearing health.

Bring Someone with You

Most people find it helpful to bring a spouse, family member or friend with them to their initial visit, although that is certainly not required. You will typically get more from your visit if someone close to you can share the experience, particularly, if hearing instruments are recommended. At Advanced Hearing Systems we look forward to becoming your hearing care professionals. We can help you find the solutions that are just right for your lifestyle, hearing ability and budget. Call today for an appointment and come in for your first step toward better hearing.