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Industrial Product Line of Ear Molds


DefendEar Lite

DefendEar Lite NRR 21 dB, NRR(SF) 18

Provides NRR 21 dB, while allowing face-to-face speech communication and situational awareness in most light to medium noise situations.


DefendEar Convertible Comm

DefendEar Convertible Comm

Comm option allows connection to surveillance kit-type radios, while also providing NRR of 21 dB (NRR of 28dB available when communication port is closed).


DefendEar Convertible

DefendEar Convertible NRR 21/28 dB, NRR(SF) 18/21

Detachable cord allows selectable protection between NRR 21 dB and a higher NRR 28 dB. Great for industrial environments with a wide-ranging amount of noise exposure.


DefendEar Max

DefendEar Max NRR 29 dB, NRR(SF) 24

The Maximum NRR available in the DefendEar line for high-noise industrial environments.