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Fitting Hearing Devices in Virginia Beach

To find a satisfactory solution a careful analysis of your particular needs, lifestyle, expectations, dexterity, and budget, as well as your hearing loss, is essential.  Our goal in fitting hearing aids in Virginia Beach is to match the technology with the individual which requires us to have access to devices from several manufactures.

Several digital devices come with Bluetooth or wireless technology that not only deliver the best clarity in noisy environments but allow the hearing devices to be linked directly to cell phones, home phones, televisions, MP3 or music players, computers, microphones or any other wireless device you may have.

Once we mutually agree on the instruments that are best for you, they will be custom fit in your ears and connected to a computer with state-of-the-art software that will program them to your specific hearing loss.  We will utilize your spouse, family member or friend to assist us with demonstrating the improvement your selected hearing devices are making in your ability to communicate effectively.

To ensure you are adjusting properly to your new hearing devices two to three follow-up appointments will be made.  Minor programming adjustments are common and easy to make with today’s sophisticated software.  Previous hearing aid users always notice the immediate improvement from their old hearing aids and require only one or two follow-up appointments.  But for someone who has never wore hearing aids before, adjusting to new hearing devices is not like putting on a pair of new glasses and instantly seeing the improvement. There will be an immediate improvement in hearing sounds once the hearing devices are programmed to your hearing loss but understanding speech in complex situations such as a noisy restaurant, family gatherings or even the TV can be difficult even for normal hearing individuals, let alone someone with a hearing loss.  BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF!  It can take weeks for the brain to fully adapt, but rest assured, we will be with you every step of the way to teach you how to adjust and get the most benefit from your investment.