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Hearing aids are expensive… if you don’t have them!

The Myth: Hearing Aids Are Expensive

This myth is part stigma, part disinformation.   The truth is, not having a hearing aid costs much more.

The problem is that hearing loss is considered an elective-type surgical device. Another type of procedure that is considered elective? Plastic Surgery. Surely this is not an appropriate category for hearing aids? No.  Here’s why:

Consider that hearing loss is an invisible disability. If you needed a wheelchair, an artificial limb, would you not get one simply because it was a small investment?

You might not be able to see it, but bad hearing affects everything from simple balance to health. Dementia, memory loss, and even depression have recently been linked to hearing loss because they impede functions of the brain.

It’s unfortunate that private insurers consider hearing loss “elective” (which is a nicer way of saying “optional”) because it’s much more than that.

Hearing is a major life function, and the cost of not having a hearing aid is much worse.