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Open Fit Hearing Aids AKA Open Ear Hearing Aids – Amazing Comfort

An “open fit” hearing aid is one model of the behind-the-ear or BTE device. Unlike traditional BTE models, however, the open fit hearing aid is smaller and contains a tube that extends into the ear canal. This tip is made from silicon and is very soft to allow air passage. The ventilation factor in an open fit hearing aid means that occlusion is significantly reduced and that the patient can hear high frequency sounds without amplifying low tones.

What Is Occlusion?

Occlusion is the “echo” effect caused by some in-the-ear hearing aids. You may hear yourself talking, chewing or coughing when the ear canal is plugged by a hearing aid device. Because of the occlusion effect, some in-the-ear hearing aid wearers complain that they can hear themselves and their “internal sounds” too clearly.

Open fit hearing aids avoid the occlusion problem by keeping the ear open and ventilated. This means that an open fit hearing aid wearer can hear perfectly clearly without the echo or noises caused by in-the-ear devices.

Low vs. High Frequency Sounds

Another benefit of open fit hearing aids is the assistance with high frequency vs. low frequency hearing.

High frequency sounds are often much harder for people to hear than low frequency sounds. In fact, for most people who lose hearing due to advancing age, high frequency sounds are the first to go. However, many people who have high frequency hearing loss can hear low frequency sounds well. These people complain that standard hearing aids often correct for both types of hearing loss indiscriminately, causing overcompensation for the low frequency sounds.

Open fit hearing aids were originally designed for those with high frequency hearing loss. Because these hearing aids correct for only one type of hearing loss, they are especially popular with people who have just begun to lose their hearing.

How To Choose The Right Open Fit Hearing Aid

It is important to choose an open fit hearing aid based not only on comfort and appearance but also by the effectiveness of the hearing aid in solving a particular hearing problem. Many people favor open fit hearing aids because of the lack of occlusion problems and the fact that they solve high frequency hearing issues without addressing other hearing problems that may be present and that may not be solved by the open fit hearing aid.

Advanced Hearing professionals can work with you to determine if an open fit hearing aid is the right choice for you. At Advanced Hearing, you will get a free hearing test and consultation as well as a hearing aid comparison to determine the best model for your needs. If you choose an open fit hearing aid, Advanced Hearing professionals can fit your hearing aid precisely so that you get the very best performance from your device. At Advanced Hearing, open fit hearing aids are only one possibility from among many devices that may be appropriate for your hearing loss type.