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You may have a family member or friend that obviously has some kind of hearing challenge. Bringing up the issue is often uncomfortable and frustrating because none of us like to think that we have a problem. When we don’t hear properly, we are often in uncomfortable and awkward situations that can be difficult for everyone to understand what is going on because hearing is largely taken for granted and an overlooked reason for miscommunication. After all, everyone can hear! Right?

Take Betty for instance. Betty has been slowly loosing her hearing for many years and her children mistook her standing apart from others at family gatherings and avoiding the phone as part of the aging process. The truth was that Betty was avoiding situations  to avoid the awkward moments of misunderstanding and the frustration of having to ask others to repeat themselves. Until Betty was encouraged by her daughter to have a hearing assessment. Betty’s personality seemed to undergo a major change when she received her first hearing aids! She was more confident, more engaged and expressed a greater sense of happiness than she had before getting her hearing aids. The problem was that the loss was so gradual, that she herself didn’t notice that she became more and more accustomed to not being able to hear and interact with her surroundings.

Getting your loved one to seek help for hearing loss can be difficult but not impossible. This video can help.