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Advanced Hearing Systems in Virginia is proud of our testimonials and the thousands of people we have helped over the years. Read our reviews!

“My mother and I want to personally thank the members of the Lions Charity Foundation, Thalia Lions Club, and Advanced Hearing Systems for your kind generosity in helping my mother who is 82 years young to hear. On February 4, 2014, my mother received her new hearing aids and is very pleased to hear again. At this time, I wish to especially site the professionalism and care of Bill Morgan and his staff at Advanced Hearing Systems for their spectacular service that was extended to my mother. Again, thank-you from the bottom of my heart for helping my mother, I value your support and commitment in helping people to hear. Your generosity and kindness will always be appreciated and remembered each and every day” – Silverleen E.

“Thanks again for the wonderful service you provide when it’s time to clean and check my Hearing Aids. Watching you is like watching my Cardiologist, so professional and thorough. Because of the clarity I enjoy due to the way you’ve programmed my hearing aids, when friends ask I always tell them to go to Advanced Hearing Systems and meet Bill Morgan.” – Conrad G.

“I expected the hearing aids would improve my hearing, but I also expected to feel some discomfort or irritation in the beginning. I certainly have not experienced any of that feeling with the hearing aids Bill Morgan at Advanced Hearing Systems fit me with. They are almost unnoticeable to others and are so comfortable that I just forget I have them on. There’s none of that ‘stopped up’ feeling in my ear, either.” – Gary E.

am happy to add to the list of those who are very satisfied with Bill Morgan and the services provided by his office. No matter what hearing aids a person wears, the real bonus is in the ‘service after the purchase.’ This is where patients of Bill, including myself, come out very much ahead. Thank you for your prompt office procedures and staff.” – Dr. Warren K.

“I really appreciate your outstanding service in caring for my mother’s hearing problems and needs. Since I’m going to be the care-giver for her medical care, I am looking froward to a long care-giver/patient professional relationship with you and your staff. Thank-you very much!” – Petula M. & Kam M.

“I have worn hearing aids since my early 50s. I am now 75 and I have been so pleased with the type of hearing aids that Bill Morgan has provided for me! The service has been great! Thank you Bill Morgan!” – Betty R.

“I have been a client at Advanced Hearing Systems for many years and have always received personal, prompt and excellent services and repairs. Mr. Bill Morgan and his staff are always plesant, courteous and helpful with all concerns and questions. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a need for specialized hearing assistance.” – Randall W.

“Bill Morgan at Advanced Hearing Systems is fantastic! I’ve been a customer for quite a few years now and am very pleased with his products, and service is superb. He is careful, thorough, and expert in all of his checkups on my hearing. I am pretty hard on my hearing aid … forget to take it off when I shower, etc … and Bill keeps it working. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.” – Barry C.

“Dear Mr. Morgan,I just wanted to thank you again for your patience and kindness during the fitting of my hearing aids. You explained and demonstrated everything so thoroughly I’m sure I will have no problems.So far everything is great and I can hear.Thanks,you are very kind.” – Louise R.

“I wanted to give you some imput on the new Oticon Hearing Aids you fit me with several weeks ago. I am a long time client of yours so as you know I am afflicted with reverse slope hearing loss and was born that way. For this reason I have never been able to find hearing instruments that could really help me the way I thought they should. When you told me that Oticon had developed a new technology that relied not only on my hearing test but my listening preferences as well to program the hearing instruments, I was interested but skeptical. Everything you told me I could possibly expect was correct. I recently attended a two day seminar and during one of the breaks I was conversing with several colleges who know I have a hearing loss. The room we were in was noisy with several conversations going on around us. Across the room I heard someone make a statement I found amusing so I stood up and said something to him. The people I was with were shocked that I heard what was being said and wanted to know how the heck I heard so well in all that noise. In all my life, I have never been able to hear as I do now. I would recommend the new Inium Wireless line of Oticon Hearing Aids to anyone with a hearing loss. I want to sincerely thank you.” – Nick D.

When I got online to read reviews of that brand I found an on-line company that was offering the same pair of hearing aids for $1,000 less. The catch was I had to use one of their providers. Since the nearest one to me was two hours away I chose one near my son’s house in Florida where I spend a lot of time and with the approval of my sons I placed my order online. My devices arrived in Florida right on time and I anxiously went to pick them up. The Hearing Specialist was a fine man but my aids were so loud I only wore them a few hours before returning the following week to have them adjusted again. Unfortunately, several adjustments later they were still so loud I finally quit wearing them entirely. Upon returning home I looked on-line for a Hearing Aid Specialist who fit my brand of aids and the one closest to me was Bill Morgan at Advanced Hearing Systems. My intent in making the appointment with him was only to have my aids adjusted. I explained everything I had been through to Bill and my lack of confidence with my original test. Bill retested me and advised me his test results did not match my former test at all. I was not terribly surprised to hear that since I felt Bill’s equipment and testing procedures were far more sophisticated and complete than that used by my ‘full page ad’ company. My original aids were still within the period to return them so I decided to return them and go with Bill’s recommendation and left his office that day with a brand new pair of hearing aid devices from another manufacturer. That was over a month ago and I’ve been wearing them about 16 hours daily ever since. They work so good that I forget I’m wearing them most of the time. How very grateful I am to have found Advanced Hearing Systems, Bill Morgan and his delightful assistant, Sylvia. I do wish I would have found them first as they would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and money. Bill’s professional know-how and hi-tech equipment as well as his warm personality have it all over my previous choices hands down. Of all my friends who wear hearing aids and are frustrated with them I wish they would have seen Bill. I’m going to spread the word about him.” – Joanne S.