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Hearing loss is a medical condition and for most people can be resolved with hearing aids designed for your specific needs and lifestyle. At Advanced Hearing Systems to we are committed to understanding not only our patients hearing condition but their hearing goals and objectives. While there are almost always several choices in hearing aids that will answer the hearing loss problem, we will work with you and only recommend a hearing aid that meets your budget and goals.
Hearing aids are designed to help people with moderate to serious and even profound hearing conditions. The severity of the condition will determine the type and style of hearing aid that is right for you. For people suffering mild to moderate hearing loss, the following styles of hearing aids can effectively treat the condition: CIC (Completely-in-Canal); ITC (In-the-Canal); RITE and MiniRITE (receiver in the ear) and Open. For those suffering from mild to severe: HS (Half Shell) and BTE (Behind-the-Ear) and for those with profound hearing loss: Power

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Types of Hearing Aids

cic cic-ear


For mild to moderate hearing losses in a very small case. Fits inside the ear canal, making it practically invisible. Size prevents the use of directional microphones.

rite rite-ear


This digital Receiver In The Ear hearing aid leaves the ear canal open for natural sound quality. It is the smallest external hearing aid, as the receiver is located in the end of the tube inside the ear. Very small case that fits behind the ear making it practically invisible.

power power-ear


The Power digital hearing aid is for people with profound hearing loss. This aid provides a more powerful solution with the greatest levels of amplification. The large case is worn behind the ear.

open open-ear


The Open Ear digital hearing aid, like the RITE is designed for mild to moderate hearing loss and leaves the ear canal open for natural sound quality. The receiver in this device is also located in the end of the tube inside the ear. It has a very small case that fits behind the ear.

itc itc-ear


Designed for mild to moderately severe hearing losses. This small hearing aid fits inside the ear canal and has a small one piece case. Directional microphones are possible with this model.

hs hs-ear


This model digital hearing aid works well for mild to severe hearing losses. It is a small case and fits inside the ear canal and is partial visible. It works well with directional microphones.

bte bte-ear


The BTE digital hearing aid has proven beneficial for those with mild to severe hearing losses. The larger case can be easier for people with dexterity considerations. The case contains all the features of leading hearing aids and comes in many different colors.